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New Events

27th April 2017, the HKIE Environmental Division Annual Forum 2017.

5th - 26th April 2017, Comprehensive CPD Certificate Course on BEAM Plus, Site Aspects (SA)

23rd March 2017, Water Conference, Enhancing Water Management in Building (Expired).   

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CABE Membership


Become a Chartered Buidling Engineer

Formed in 1925 as the Incorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors, the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) is a leading body for professionals specialising in the design, construction, evaluation and maintenance of buildings.

Chartered Building Engineers are recognised as being experts in the use of technology in the design, construction, assessment and maintenance of the built environment.  Membership demonstrates that an individual has achieved a level of professional competence that the public, clients, and fellow professionals can rely on. 

AIIB Members are reminded that according to the Memorandum of Understanding between AIIB and CABE in 2015, you are recognized by CABE to apply for membership via CABE's direct route.  AIIB Members are eligible to apply for Chartered Member grade and AIIB Fellows are eligible to apply for Chartered Fellow grade of the CABE.

If you intend to apply via this route, please obtain a copy of the Confirmation of MOU from our Mr Derick Chak ( and upload it with your application to be submitted on-line. On the "supporters column", please enter Prof Edmund Chuk and Ir Kelvin Tang as your supporters.






New Events

17th December 2016, Professional Seminar on Revitalization of Rivers in Hong Kong at HKIE Headquarter.     Additional Information




Green Roof

Taskforce Meeting on 15th June 2016

Led by Sr Prof Edward Yiu Chairman of Executive Committee the AIIB, a taskforce meeting forum was convened for 15th June 2016 at AIIB's offices.  Participants included scholars and professionals joining from peer professional and academic organizations.  Discussion in the evening has focused on the provision of green roof without a BD Submission, viz.:

  1. a roof which is accessible from common area;
  2. reinforced roof with sufficient concret strength;
  3. standard flat roof design and not of cantilever, large span, etc;
  4. building fabrics and structures are sound;
  5. no building alteration work is required, i.e. just a placement of pots, not direct fixing to the roof, no blockage to existing drainage, no P&D alteration, not 100% coverage, less than 1 m tall;
  6. the building is properly maintained and managed.

In the forum, plenty of information sharing has taken place covering crucial points in green roof management and design.

All participants of the forum have agreed that, as an immediate action plan responding the society need, a technical seminar on the topic, namely, Current Practices of Green Roofing in Hong Kong : Case Studies on Safety Issue, should be organized.  It has been determined immediately that the seminar would be held on 22nd July 2016, between 7:00pm and 9:00pm at the City University of Hong Kong.  Details shall be announced once everything is to hand.

If you are interested to join the task force, and to be one of the speakers of the seminar, kindly contact Sr Dr Edward Yiu at levaing your Name and Title, Position and Organization, and Paper Abstract as expeditiously as possible.

Event Report



Event Report

AIIB 15th Anniversary and APIGBA Dinner on 6th June 2016

Guests from All Walks of Life

After the APIGBA forum at the City University of Hong Kong, the celebration dinner was held at Hong Kong JW Marriott Hotel Ballroom in the evening.  Besides the AIIB team, there were over 300 distinguish guests, sitting at 27 tables, from the APIGBA regions which include Korea, Macau, Shanghai, Taiwan and specialists from the industry and representatives from the Government of HKSAR.

The dinner event started with the welcome note by Dr. Edward Yiu, the Executive Committee Chairman of AIIB, followed by the opening speech of Prof. Show-ling Wen, the convener of the APIGBA. Right after their speeches, the Principal Guest of Honour Dr. David Chung Wai-keung, the Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology Bureau of HKSAR Government delivered an address which demonstrated the Hong Kong Government’s appreciation in intelligent green building developments.

Newly Joined Region - Macau

To welcome the alliance’s new region member - Macau, a simple but solemn signing ceremony was arranged in front of all guests. The agreement was signed between the representative of Macau Properties and Facilities Management Association Mr. Michael Cheuk and the first APIGBA chairperson Prof. Show-ling Wen, with the witness of Prof. Andrew Leung, the President of AIIB and the 2nd APIGBA chairperson.

Local Awarded Projects

After the signing ceremony, there was the present of local (Hong Kong) awards by Prof. Show-ling Wen. The local projects received awards were:

  Award Category Project Organization  
  Design 18 King Wah Road, Nort Point, Hong Kong Henderson Land Development Co Ltd  
  Performance International Commence Centre Kai Shing Management Services Limited  
  Renovation Standard Chartered Bank Building Hang Lung Properties Ltd  
  System Holiday Inn Express REC Green Technologies Co Ltd  
  One Island East

ATAL Building Services Engineering Ltd

Swire Properties Limited


Final Awards

The centre of the event was on the announcement of the final competition winners. The momentum of the whole venue was pushed to the highest. With the non-stopping hooray and clapping as background, the following teams received the triumph in the final competition:

    Platinum 18 King Wah Road, North Point, Hong Kong  
    Gold UNI's Landmark, Taiwan  
    Silver Tatung Smart Manor, Taiwan  
    Platinum International Commence Centre, Hong Kong  
    Gold TSMC F15 Office, Taiwan  
    Silver LSIS R&D Campus, Taiwan  
    Platinum UNI's Landmark, Taiwan  
    Gold Advantech Linkow Intelligent Campus, Taiwan  
    Silver Holiday Inn Express, Hong Kong  


APGBA President Handover

After the awardees received the prizes from the dinner event’s principal guest of honour Dr. David Chung Wai-keung, it was the handover ceremony of the APIGBBA President: Prof. Andrew Leung of AIIB represented Hong Kong region to receive the task of APIGBA president from Prof. Show-ling Wen of Taiwan. AIIB will take over the APIGBA task for the following two years until the next handover in Korea in year 2018.

All Become One, Amazing Night!

All the guests enjoyed a great evening with nice wine, good food, and beautiful music. In the later part of the dinner, guests from different regions became one. Many of the guests initially came to the stage, sang and shared their loved songs with one another. The atmosphere were even remarkable when the guests tried to use the LED light in the power-bank that the organizing committee prepared for the attendees to beat the tempo with those who were singing on the stage. This was an incredible night. Everything was amazing.  The organizing committee ws so thrilling and must thank all the participants including the sponsors for this event.

*Sponsors for the event:

Gold Sponsors  
  BeSpark Technologies Engineering Limited  
  China Light and Power Limited  
  Deacon Construction International Holdings Limited  
  Hang Lung Properties Limited  
  Henderson Land Group  
  Hensen System Engineering Limited  
  Hong Kong Licensed Plumbing Professionals Association Limited  
  Honeywell Limited  
  Kai Shing Management Services Limited  
  Messe Frankfurt Limited  
  Nixon Limited  
  REC Green Technologies Co., Ltd.  
  Takasago Contractors and Engineers (Beijing) Co., Ltd.  
  Kohler Power Systems  
Silver Sponsors  
  ATAL Building Services Engineering Ltd.  
  Carewin Engineering Ltd.  
  Johnson Controls Hong Kong Ltd.  
  Lee Fung Decoration Limited  
  Ryowo Cooling Tower  
Other Sponsors  
  Mansion Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd.  


Full Report for APIGBA 2016 Event

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