Since Hong Kong is an international financial metropolis, modern commercial, governmental and residential buildings should follow the trend toward IB. Investment in an IB project must be viewed as long-termed and value-added, offering the following benefits:

  1. Provides a better and more comfortable environment for occupants, leading to greatly improved working efficiency with the aid of modern information technology.
  2. Ensures much lower life-cycle costs, in particular for maintenance and upgrades.
  3. Guarantees a greater flexibility in changing the functions of the buildings.
  4. Maintains a relatively higher value for the buildings in terms of marketability and productivity; establishes an excellent image of IB to the public and suits the needs of the occupants.
  5. Upholds the concept of an environmental friendly building.

It is believed that IB will become a major building trend in the coming decades. However, up to now, there has been no standard definition of IB for Asia. Therefore, the establishment of theAsian Institute of Intelligent Buildings (AIIB)is important for developing Asia’s definition of, and standards for, IB and acting as an independent certification authority for IB in Asia.


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